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No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

11/19/2016 Los Angeles, CA Loaded Loaded
10/06/2016 Radio Black Pomona, CA ( USA ) Characters Pomona Characters Pomona
06/11/2016 Tijuana, B.C., ME Cecut Cecut
03/13/2016 Los Angeles, California ( USA ) Three Clubs Three Clubs
01/27/2016 Hollywood, CA, California ( USA ) Loaded Hollywood Loaded Hollywood
05/02/2015 Jackson, MS, Mississippi Downtown Downtown

Born out of Los Angeles, California (SoCal)

Tijuana Bullfight captures the loud, fast, free , sun burnt spirit of west coast rock. Originating their Southern California Sludge with influences from beachside punk and the LA underground Alt/Rock. They fuse the rumble and fuzz of cranked up MesaBoogies and the pounding of drums tuned down to a thunderous low, to slap you on the ass and have you begging for more. Advice for fans of Nirvana, Rage, Soundgarden or QOTSA –pile into the old Camaro, crank up the stereo and head to the beach.. Just make sure you do it with some west coast love and bring the SLUDGE with Tijuana Bullfight blasting!

For booking or any other information, feel free to get in touch!