We did a small coming out show with new drummer Brandon Ezekiel Wed Jan 27 2016 (he killed it!). It was at the soon to be closing Loaded Hollywood, right in the smack middle of of the city, basically across the street from our old musky Tijuana Bullfight rehearsal studio. The venue will be missed as it proved to be one of the better sounding rooms in Hollywood and LA for that matter, but it is understandable why the venue is closing and WHY the staff was so disgruntled. (We will talk about that in a later post, geared more toward clubs and promoters.)

It was a fun laid back no pressure night. It was a last minute gig and we wanted to showcase the new set (as a three piece, no less. Still waiting on Tony) without the pressure of making a fews mistakes. The beer was cold, as we sat outside before, taking in the strip of the blvd we missed dearly since relocating. The familiar sounds of cars, sirens, helicopters etc kept us on our toes. We were lucky to have family and friends in town for support and to get this footage (We want to thank that person for keeping a steady hand). It features songs we have not played in a long while, so have a look, and as always please share.

Here is the set list:

Terrified Teenagers


Fat Baby

Red Head



This is Life


Other than me

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